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  Dear ladies and gentlemen! Considering that you periodicly need interesting faces (models, photomodels and Actors) for holding advertising campaigns and shooting advertising material, we inform you that a lot of images which will satisfy the wishes of your customers and will be able to call to advertising potential consumers, you may find in show-center "PRESTIGE" which includes actor and model agency.

It probably will be interesting for you to know that we work on the following directions:
  • an organization of the performances and shows; shows of cloth collections; footwear, accessory, hairstyle, make-up; the contest of the beauty;
  • organization of show - programs, presentation, corporation evening party;
  • the organization and realization of performance;
  • the organization and realization of performance - programs, presentations, corporate parties;
  • services of visage;
  • body-art artists;
  • very high quality photographing of any direction with an opportunity of fast arriving to any of the world;
  • design and manufacturing of exclusive costumes for shows, presentations etc.;
  • design of interiors, ex-terriers, landscape zones, painting;
  • MC for party and programs;
  • Clowns, conjurers, actors of an original genre (the acrobats, dancing mime, jugglers);
  • Classical ballet;
  • Variety ballet;
  • Oriental dances;
  • Fights on sables and swords.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
  We know how to make you the most appreciable and remembered! If your company is going to participate in an exhibition and you understand, that it is better to make your stand as much as possible remembered and win, than to save your money and to lose , - then the center "PRESTIGE" is that what you need!
  We have unusual approad to showing your problems and at one puts you in priorities position.
We have more opportunities as we include the show-center and agency of models. We as much as possible take into account interests of our clients.   You do not need to strain and waste time and nerves,- concerning preparation we save all problems. Here are come directions we work on at exhibitions:
  • decorating of the stand;
  • development and creation of theatrical, art costumes;
  • the organization of show-programs on your stand;
  • inviting actors, clowns etc. to work on stand or the place of exhibition;
  • creation and manufacture of dolls (it's similar to Muppet- show);
  • services of professional stand-attendants;
  • musical registration of stands;
  • the organization of body-art (artists and models};
  • dances of different genres;
  • organization of various competitions - draws;
  • etc.
If you had additional questions or wishes call us: 8-044- 234-89-20
Or e-mail: prestige@alfacom.net IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A OR ANY OTHER PHOTOS If you are a model, an actor (actress) or work in striptease and want to make photos - address in photo studio "PRESTIGE' without doubts! We guarantee, that you will not find better quality under reasonable prices anywhere in Kiev! We say it with complete responsibility! We have no restrictions concerning a direction and a plot of shooting (people, animals, cars, buildings, lands capes, etc.). Having address to us, you'll fell what is qualitative shooting and photo.

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